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VerVent B.V. is a technology solutions development start-up with a dedicated focus at the offshore wind industry.

A core team of VerVent specialists has completed the concept design of a novel drivetrain for large-scale Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines (HAWTs). This VerVent 2.0 concept offers a highly competitive, well-scalable high-speed geared drivetrain solution for future-generation offshore turbines in the 10 – 16MW+ range.

Essential elements of this HAWT configuration are re-applied in an equally innovative Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), design characterized by a split rotor with counter-rotating upper and lower section.


Starting points for the VerVent drive train concept were to limit the number of innovations to a minimum, and reduce technological risks related to a new turbine design as much as possible. The main philosophy behind the VerVent concept is to mainly use existing, proven subsystems and components and yet realize significant optimization in wind turbine drivetrain design. The modular approach enables (gradual) capacity increase in parallel to growing track record experience resulting in a low-risk, high-value overall concept.

System integration based on existing technologies. Design elements of the drivetrain include:

• Main shaft unit with two pre-loaded taper-roller bearings integrated in a heavy-duty cast housing, a product development originating from German Main Bearing Unit (MBU) specialist Eolotec.

• Incorporation of a low-speed coupling originating from Austrian specialist Geisslinger.

• From the ‘high-speed’ generator side the gearbox is protected especially against grid-fault related peak loads via a flexible connection with integrated overload clutch, the latter originating from a German world market leader KTR.

• The 1.5-stage gearbox concept itself is a well-known and proven drivetrain principle. About 200 5MW-class 1.5-stage gearboxes incorporated in MULTIBRID type turbines are today in operation offshore. These were all supplied since 2004 by the Germany-based company RENK AG

• VerVent 2.0 offers a drivetrain solution neutral to third-party power electronics location preferences.

• Focus at reducing the number of components to a minimum, with medium-speed geared solutions representing the VerVent 2.0 drivetrain reference.

HAWT concept

A novel drive train concept for horizontal-axis 2 and 3-bladed wind turbines. Focus at:
      • Rated power range 10-16 MW+
      • High level of system integration
      • Builds at existing mature drivetrain and value chains
      • Risk reduction through limiting main innovations
      • Minimizing of main components and bearings 
      • Modular product development approach
      • Optimization through stepwise power rating increment 

VAWT concept

Robust split rotor and dedicated drivetrain enables cost-effective turbine and floater design for the lowest possible LCOE. Focus at:
     • Simplifying of structural design with minimal number of main                      rotating components
     • Uncomplicated rotor blade and rotor bearing design
     • Faster running, largely passive-cooled generator with reduced                    dimensions
     • Up scaling to 10MW+ is possible and feasible 

HAWT concept

Animation by VerVent posted February 6, 2018

VAWT concept

Animation by VerVent posted February 6, 2018


VerVent filed three patents, one granted and two pending.



It is VerVent’s ambition to retain and further build upon its independent position in the wind industry. This involves ongoing in-house product development, testing and validation. An instrument for keeping this technology in a front runner position. Partners capable to enforce this independent position are most welcome to discuss a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Partner Profile

VerVent is looking for dedicated partners to become product and project key enablers, moving towards commercialization and market introduction. This next step forward involves concept scaling beyond the current commercial 8MW+ scale, well into the 10 – 16MW+ class. Partners VerVent is looking for possess the expertise and resources to meet this level of ambition. An established market position, commitment and resources are highly valued.


VerVent offers partners the use of its concepts and dedicated IP for their specific technology and product development. IP can be provided through:
  v (Non-) exclusive licenses
  v Partial or full IP acquisition 

Value Chain Integration

We believe that the capital intensity of the wind industry requires an integral approach to innovation processes, especially incremental innovation based on existing value chains, and partnering with incumbent organisations. The VerVent drivetrain concept is for this reason, and to a large degree, based upon integrating existing, proven components already available in the wind industry.

VerVent already consulted several leading component manufacturers and other stakeholder organizations, so far no technological ‘showstoppers’ have been identified. Even better: All consulted organizations responded (very) positive at the feasibility and added value offered by the VerVent 2.0 drivetrain concept.

Main component suppliers which are an integral part of the VerVent concept include:

VerVent TEAM

The VerVent team brings a set of dedicated expertise with an unique history in the wind industry. The initiators of VerVent previously founded the 5 MW wind turbine manufacturer Darwind. The founders sold their equity stake in 2008. Darwind is currently owned by the Chinese industrial multinational XEMC and named accordingly: XEMC Darwind.

Hans Bais

Founder and CEO

Bertrand van Leersum

Business Development Manager

Edzo de Vries

Design and System Engineer

Ton Ruiter

Electro Technical Engineer

Eize de Vries

Technology Manager


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